The Best In Clinical Trial Supply

Value Added

PBI is aware of the cost involved in any research project. In order to help your company hold down costs PBI offers a return goods service under which you can recoup some of the cost of the comparator/reference listed drugs you have purchased. Our Pharmaceutical Cost Recovery – PCR – division offers a program under which we work with manufacturers to provide credit to your company for short dated or expired goods that you did not fully use in your research projects. Under this program we are able to return U.S. goods that meet the manufacturers return specifications and provide your company with credits that can approximate 60% of your original cost.

As an additional service, we provide your company with research assistance wherever possible. Whether you have a question on how many desiccants are in a bottle or when a product first came to market, we will do our best to help find the information you need. MSD sheet, SPC’s for foreign products, information on new drugs to market are all part of the information and data services that PBI provides to its clients upon request.